It is 8:30 PM on a Tuesday. I am in bed, looking at my phone. I’ve been browsing the internet for a new dish sponge, for the last hour.

The reason? I don’t like using regular sponges directly with my hands, it ruins my nails, dries out skin, and leaves my fingers smelling of old dish water smells. It’s gross, I don’t understand how anybody uses a regular sponge more than once. So, I need a wand, but am tired of replacing plastic wands and disposal sponge heads for these wands. I want something more sustainable, but long-lasting. It’s apparently hard to come by.

Anyway, in the midst of my frustrations, I realize… If this were ten years ago, I’d be so disgusted with myself and this boringness. I’d be embarrassed with myself.

But ya know what? This is who I am. This is what occupies my mind. I love my bed, I love getting as much sleep as humanly possible, I love cleaning products that make my life easier. I am perfectly content with being this kind of person.

Of course, ten years in the future, hoping to have a dishwasher.

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