Today, I am thankful to be in an industry that is not hurting too much from this pandemic.

If I had not made the moves I have made, I could still be at a ticket brokerage, which has no events to sell tickets for. Or a real estate company, which has very little listings for the few people who are still looking to buy right now. I would for sure be on the chopping block at either of those places.

Instead, I am busier now, working from home, more hours than I was in the office. I LOVE the people I work with, we are all great at communicating, from a distance. I could not love the work I do, more. And I don’t feel too stressed out, because I feel very supported.

I am in a really great place right now, while the whole world is freaking out. It’s such a crazy feeling, when I sit back and think about it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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