I love my dog as if he was my child. I am so proud of him, so often. He was and is so easy to train, he is so calm, he is the perfect level of attached, he cuddles when I need it, he chills when I am away. He is an overt reflection of myself, we have mutual love/respect/need for one other.

But most impressively to me, he reads other dogs and people so well. Clearly, not something he learned from me. He’s a natural. I find myself constantly impressed by this interesting dog we happened to stumble upon because the other dog we went for was gone. We adopted in such a haphazard way, and yet… It truly feels like it was meant to be.

Walking him tonight, we approach two women with a kid. The women are walking three dogs. And the kid has a fourth. All the pups are the size of pugs. For reference, Sawyer is about 50 lbs, so he towers over all of them.

The kid with the pup runs right up to Sawyer’s face, pup’s tail is wagging, kid is super nonchalant. The two dogs are fast friends. They’re BFFs, no one is closer than these two.

I notice the two women kinda froze and did not continue walking, so I’m offer up, “Oh, he’s super friendly!”, assuring them Sawyer’s not a dick. One of them responds to me that the dog who ran up to Sawyer is usually the dick. So, that explains the freeze and hesitation. Sawyer continues on to say hi to all the pups and everyone’s having a grand ol time. Tails wagging, all pups are happy. He is like a pup whisperer.

We should all wish to be more like Sawyer.

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