Today, I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed, being back at work after so much slack time the last couple weeks, it was kinda rough. I’ve been in and out of the office, so some of my paperwork was astray (aka someone moved my cheese). On top of that, this time of month always has super urgent tasks, last minute move ins, etc.

But at some point, I had to remind myself that I can only do one thing at a time. As much as I’d love to perfectly handle everything the second it’s thrown at me, or pops in my head, that’s not reality, and cannot actually happen.

Once that thought sunk in, I instantly remembered why I love my job so much, in the first place. Most of what I’m doing can be simplified down to organization. Of course, it’s all more in depth than that, but organizing really is at the root of what I do. It’s my true passion. I enjoy it so much, I do it for fun around our apartment. I am so lucky to have a job where I get to flex these strengths without having to go through a hoarder’s hoard of garbage. Or try to sell myself as a freelance organizer… ha. Can you even imagine?

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