Month: November 2020


Thanksgiving 2020 seems like a very classic date to re-start my gratitude journal here. My goal is to post more regularly, maybe start with 3x a week, up it to 4x a week, eventually daily. Rewiring the brain takes time and a whole hell of a lot of effort. Sometimes, I just can’t do it and I slip into this kind of person that I don’t really like. Expressing gratitude is important. I have felt off lately, and I’m convinced it’s because I have been focusing too much on negatives, looking for things to be upset or annoyed by. Nobody wants to live like that, we should be looking for things to be happy about.

Today, I am grateful that I get to stay cozy in my pajamas and slippers. We slept in until NINE AM! The fridge is stocked. We have a feast planned. We have cocktails planned. An apple scented candle is burning. The apartment is clean. There is no stress, zero social anxiety, puppy cuddles, and cooking together time with my favorite person.