The part about this pandemic that I find most interesting is how each individual person is reacting to it.

The positive get more positive, while the negative get more negative. The worriers, worry more. The anxious, get more anxious. The resourceful, get more resourceful. The kinder, get more kind. The angry, sadly, just get angrier.

The introverts are enjoying the social distancing, while the extroverts are hating it. A surprising amount of folks are truly hoarders.

The best business owners are reacting appropriately, while the worst are also following their own compass. Some folks are loving working from home, while others are hating it, or are choosing to still go into the office. I guess there’s not a one-size-fits-all, on that front.

Some companies are taking this as an opportunity to offer deals, delivery, pick up, when they usually would not. I’ve also heard stories of a daycare worker, demanding parents pay her, even if they don’t take their kids to her. Very differing ways of looking at this.

I’ve seen videos and photos of downtown Chicago, in the loop, completely deserted, which is crazy for the area. But my neighborhood, just three miles west of there, seems to be completely business as usual. People are still taking buses, there’s still plenty of cars about, people walking around.

Nothing like a tragedy to show some true colors. What kind of person are you?

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