It is rush hour in Chicago, I take Sawyer out for his morning walk around the block. It’s just foggy enough to add an extra layer of eerie to the fact that there are no cars or people around.

Just a few days ago, it would be common to see one car after the other, racing down our side street, likely following their waze app on their phone, avoiding the traffic a block away on Western. Kids playing outside the school, a block over. Those “safe space” (or whatever they’re called) crossing guards on every corner, within a mile of said school. A lot of people, dressed for their day out in the world, taking their pups on one last walk, before leaving them all day.

None of this is happening out there right now. It gives off a creepy vibe, at first. But then you have to consider the fact that, very suddenly, everyone banned together (or rather, apart) to respect each other’s space.. not effect each other. That is pretty admirable.

I feel lucky to have a boss who is not a fan of employees working from home, but understands and allows it when necessary. I am happy to be surrounded by reasonable people.

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