Today, I am thankful for the rain, the thunder, and the sunlight.

The rain reminded me how damn lucky I am. I get to stay home. I don’t have to commute in that horrible traffic that gets backed up to twice as long, as soon as one drop falls. I don’t even have to put pants on if I don’t want to.

The thunder makes Sawyer a little nervous, ever since he experienced his first 4th of July in Chicago. But that only means that I get to snuggle an adorable pup who wants to be as close to me as he can get.

The sun in the afternoon. Generally, you can’t get me outside when it’s humid out there. Especially when I’m having a no pants party. But I am forced to spend at least a couple hours, outside, getting some good old fashioned vitamin D, and lots of puppy time. And ya know what, the humidity aint shit against that kind of enjoyment.

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