This weekend, we went to Marc’s parents’ house. Marc and his mom made a delicious feast of shrimps, corn, potatoes, and a watermelon/tomato/feta salad.

shrimp & cornWatermelon Caprese

She sent us off with soooo many goodies from her garden: tomatoes, carrot, zucchinis, peppers, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, parsley, chives, dill, green beans, cucumber. All great items!


On the way back into the city, we stopped at this place Marc had been telling me about. Trailside Museum in River Forest. This house is over 75 years old and is a haven for injured wild animals and infants who are too young to fend for themselves. When they are well again, they are released back into the wild.

Turkey VultureCoyote

I thought it was interesting they had Pokemon GO signs for each cage, next to the normal descriptions…. that’s one way to get the kids interested.

OwlEastern Screech OwlPokemon Go

When we got back home, we went to a nearby farmer’s market and picked up a few things, but most importantly: the most delicious bloody mary mix I’ve ever tasted and some spicy dilly green beans, to drop into the bloody maries.

blood mary mix + spicy dilly beans