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Wednesday, March 7th

This week, I am super proud of myself for getting up and going to workout on Sunday morning. I bounced out of bed really early and just decided to go. It felt so great, I had tons of energy, and got tons of stuff done afterwards. It was doubly great because I ended up NOT going last Thursday & Friday, like I had planned. So, I feel like this made up for that.

I also love the city that early in the morning on a Sunday. Nobody is out. Everything’s quiet. I had to wait 15 minutes for a bus that usually comes every 5 minutes, during the times I need it. And then no one was even on it. You pass by the areas that are usually traffic jams and they’re empty. Feels like a ghost town. And then, the best part? You get to the gym and that place IS a ghost town! I had the whole locker room to myself. So, I ran around naked, singing at the top of my lungs.

Kidding. I’d never.

Anyway. Here’s my accountability for this week. I’ve not added any extra weight yet because I’m giving my body some time to adjust from being dormant forever. And while on topic of the weights, I’m only focusing on upper body right now because I don’t want to push it with my foot, it still gets swollen from walking. I don’t wanna be pushing pounds with a sensitive foot.

That’s sort of an excuse, I’m aware there are plenty of things I can do with my legs without putting pressure on my feet, I just don’t wanna right now, alright?!?


  • 30 minutes cardio
  • 5 min rowing machine
  • 30 lb arm extensions (12×3)
  • 3 seated dip (12×3)
  • 50 lb pull down (12×3)
  • 40 lb low row (12×3)

Monday: 1 hour on stationery bike

Tuesday: exact same as Sunday

Wednesday: 1 hour on bike & 5 minutes on rowing machine (really love that thing)

Tomorrow/Thursday, I’m gonna take a break. And Friday, I plan on going swimming because Fridays are always hard to get going, even more so when I take Thursday off. But swimming is always 100% thee best way to start a day. Whether you’re hungover, tired AF, super awake, super anything, swimming always feels good, and is always a thing I look forward to. So I’m sure, no matter what, that’ll get me going on Friday! And I’m already looking forward to it. I really love swimming, y’all.

Wednesday weigh in – 207.8 lbs. That is 3.2 lbs lost! If I lost that much every week, I could be at 160 lbs in 4 months. But I know it’s always easy to lose in the beginning, and then it gets kinda.. stuck. That’s the time when I usually quit and run off to Wings, Fries, & Beer Land. We’ll see if this journaling changes anything this time.

And yes, for the record, I know the scale doesn’t have to move. It’s just a good reference point for progress to be marked here, maybe I’ll come up with something else when it stops moving.

Wednesday, February 28th

For a while there, I was going to the gym daily. I would ride my bike into the office, walk the block over to the gym, work out, shower there, and then go to work and still be there early. After work, I’d get the added bonus of riding my bike home. It felt great, I felt great.. I don’t think I lost a ton of weight, but I did have more energy. Even when I was exhausted, I still did it because it was better than not doing it. Not doing it meant I’d have to get on a smelly bus and it’d take 3x as long to get to and from work.

At the end of August, I injured my foot and just stopped going. It hurt to walk some days, I didn’t want to injure myself further, so I laid off it. And then with winter, obviously, I welcomed the excuse to stop. It’s been almost 6 months now and my foot still hurts sometimes, still gets swollen when I walk too much/too hard. But I decided, fuck it, time to move on. I have an ice pack at work, I can ice it afterwards if it gets too swollen. I am not going to be a baby about this anymore. And maybe all I really need is to be active again. Stop taking the excuse and laying around on my butt.

So, in addition to posting about what I’m cooking/eating, I want to document my gym… doings? I’ll take whatever motivation I can get!

Here is my pro list of motivations, in case you were wondering. I love a good list:

  • Starting this year, my company will be covering half of my gym membership. But in order to get reimbursed, I have to submit proof of payment, monthly. It only took me submitting it, twice, to feel the guilt about not utilizing the membership.
  • As I mentioned earlier, no matter what mode of transportation I take… bike, uber, bus, Marc, it’s so much faster to get to that part of town at 6 am vs 8 am. The drive takes 10 minutes. Once I’m there, traffic can build up all it wants cause I’m only a block away from work now, suckers.
  • Marc has been going to the gym at least 3 times a week lately. He’s basically a gym rat and he looks great. I, however, have gone the opposite direction. And I need to stay on par with where he is, obviously.
  • My coworker just won a competition at her gym for being the person to show up to the most classes. She has gone literally every day for the last two months, with the exception of a snow day and maybe 1 other day. Inspiring!
  • The shower in my apartment sucks big ol hairy balls. It’s tinier than a closet, the pressure sucks, and I can’t take a shower for longer than 10 minutes without the water going cold. The showers at xSport in Piper’s alley are huge, have great water pressure, and are always so hot it could burn me… for a long time. Just the way I like it.
  • This one’s silly, but hey.. whatever works! I used to be signed up for the monthly BirchBox – $10, you get samples of beauty products. Which means I have an onslaught of travel sized products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash. I can’t bring myself to throw them out without using em. What better way to use those babies up?
  • It is true what they say, when you start your day with exercise, it’s easier to make healthier eating choices. I know I said I was going to post about some of the recipes I made this week, but I’m already looking ahead to next week’s menu now. I only need to shop for like 5 ingredients and I’m good to go.

Now that we’ve got the pro list out of the way, and my mind is starting to wander back to food… I want to develop some kind of accountability here. Here’s what’s happening this week with my routine. Remember this is a rough outline because it’s been six months since I’ve been doing this regularly, so let’s see how this goes:

Monday – I did 20 mins on the elliptical. And then, this is kind of what I used to do there, only with double the weights:

12 reps/3 sets each of the following:
Arm Extensions – 30 lb
Pull down – 40 lb
Low down – 45 lb
Seated dip – 3rd
Shoulder press – 2nd
Mid row – 4

Tuesday – 20 laps in the pool. My arms were real sore from the day before so I thought spinning them around in some water would be nice. I ended up cutting it shorter than I wanted, to go sit in the hot tub, but that was worth it.

Wednesday – I was not feeling it today!! But I got distracted trying to find a new audiobook to listen to, so I was still able to do 45 mins on a stationery bike.

Thursday – My foot actually really hurts right now and it’s supposed to snow in the morning/overnight, so I’m considering taking the morning off tomorrow. BUT even if I do, I can still do at least 30 minutes on the bike, at HOME!

Friday – I want to get on the weights again, we’ll see. The whole point of this list was to keep track of my progress on the weights.

Weigh-in – This is super embarrassing, but I’m at the point where anyone who looks at me can tell I’m fat, regardless of how hard I’m trying to hide it with my clothes. I’m just going to throw this out there as well. My current weight is 210 lb. A “normal” weight for someone of my height is 160 lbs, I don’t think I’ve ever been there before, but that means I’m technically obese. Maybe with some public accountability here, I can fix that. I plan to update here with my current weight each Wednesday. A Wednesday Weigh in, if you will. If I force myself to report it here, it’s a little more shameful when that number doesn’t go down.

So far, this is what we have: Sundays will be about obsessing about food. And Wednesdays will be about obsessing about my workouts and current weight. Got it? Got it. Good. I love stats!