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Sunday, March 18th

Sunday, March 18th

Today, I tried romanesco for the first time ever (feature photo). It’s so pretty, looks like little Christmas trees, has the taste of broccoli with the texture of cauliflower. Would buy again.

I’ve talked about Meal Mentor here before. Now, I’d like to share a few photos of dishes made from one of those meal plans. I actually remembered to take photos this time!

For anyone who is also following the meal plans, this is not the current week’s plan, I’m pulling from last week’s plan. That way, I have all week long to figure out what groceries I need and where to get my groceries.

I am a member of Imperfect Produce, mostly because I am a huge fan of their mission. They take all the produce that grocery stores don’t sell because they are ugly, overstocked, too small, weird color, weird shape, etc. and sell it for super cheap. I get to pick and chose what items I want before the box comes, I’m charged by weight. It’s always under $20, even when I get almost everything. And I get the warm fuzzy feeling of reducing food waste!


I’ll usually add whatever produce they’re offering that week that matches what’s on the meal plan. My picks have to be in by Tuesday night, and the new meal plans don’t come out til Wednesday. So, my perfect solution is to just go with last week’s plan.

I will also shop at Whole Foods, but try my damnedest to keep myself only in the bulk section. I like Whole Foods when I need to stock up on beans, grains, various spices. I don’t like Whole Foods when I need literally anything else. I wish we had more bulk stores in Chicago, or maybe we do and I don’t know about them. In that case, I wish someone would school me, because I want to buy things in bulk!!

Anyway, that was some rambling. On to photos!

Bollywood sweet potatoes – there’s mashed sweet potatoes under that mixture of spinach, peppers, carrots, zucchinis and lentils.

Cruciferous Curry – lil green to celebrate St Patty’s day. I’m a bit weary of this green stuff because it’s got cilantro in it, but I told myself I’d give the damn herb another shot.

Greek-style Tomato Stew – I actually forgot to toss the chickpeas in at the end, so that’s why they seem to be floating on top. Not pictured: a vegan “feta” dressing to go in once it’s warmed up.

Skinny Alfredo – this was a hit & a miss. I had an old TINY spaghetti squash to use up and this was supposed to take care of that. Unfortunately, the sauce turned out to be so incredibly plentiful that I had to improvise by adding linguine. It also called for green peas, which I also did not have enough for this massive amount of sauce.

There’s a couple more, but I either forgot to photo or the photo isn’t very pretty and not worth sharing. Before I even got started making anything, I made my own homemade hummus and almond milk, both to be used in these recipes. That was the first time I went to those lengths and it wasn’t so bad, might keep that up if I can help it.

I also made my own enchilada sauce the other day that was sooo delicious. I don’t think I’ll ever buy enchilada sauce again. Sometimes, doing that little extra instead of popping open a can is what makes the meal that much more worthwhile.


Sunday, March 4th

Sunday, March 4th

I did a buncha meal prepping yesterday. I’m still using Meal Mentors menu plan, but I decided to back up a week.

I didn’t take any photos because my phone doesn’t have the best camera. Especially with the lighting in my kitchen, I’m usually cooking at night. Even trying to take photos is frustrating.

That said, Marc had this “old” iPhone 7 laying around. I finally got annoyed enough by the unresponsiveness of my iPhone 5 to give up the small size for the huge. What I did NOT consider in making the switch is the great camera!

Take a look at my prepping in all it’s organized glory:

This screen is also so huge that I can use the WordPress app. Maybe I will actually post more? Time will tell.

Besides the meal prepping, I made my first attempt at homemade beauty products this weekend. I made face wash, hand soap, dry shampoo spray, and some sorta headache helper. I get headaches constantly, hoping this blend of essential oils will help. I have a lot more things on my list to try out, but I was running out of containers.

Sunday, February 25th

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Time to get back on the wagon. I fell off, hard. Whenever I don’t cook at home and opt to eat out, it’s great for a day or two, but after a while, I start to feel awful. Food really is the fuel of life and the best way to consume it is by home cooking.

I want to give credit to Meal Mentor. A couple years ago, I was feeling particularly uninspired on the cooking front. I had been trying this meal prep thing but was struggling with overbuying ingredients and then not cooking everything I’d planned to cook. Or making way too much of one thing and growing sick of it before I could finish it. So, I set out on a google search for a meal plan. There are a lot of options out there. And I tried some of them with not so great results.

Meal Mentor really was the best. It’s plant-based. So, first of all… I learned just how damn easy it is to cook plant-based meals. Groceries are cheaper, once you stock up on the basics of grains, beans, and legumes… all you’re really buying weekly is the produce. No expensive cheeses and meats, racking up the grocery bill. Storage is easier, you don’t have the same worries as having to eat meat within 3 days of cooking it, or dairy spoiling. Hell, I don’t even need to put my lunches in the fridge at work, if I don’t want to. But I swear, the most fun part is learning different ways to make cheese. I don’t miss cheese at all. AND I don’t feel like a dead animal is trying to climb out of my belly, after eating a plant-based cheese.

There is a monthly charge for this site, it’s $19.99/mo or $179 for an annual membership. I love it so much, I opted for the annual. I do not mind paying this fee at all because 1. I am saving a boat load on groceries (when I actually follow the plan). 2. She donates a portion of her proceeds to elephant charities. I LOVE THAT! The annual membership also comes with access to their Facebook group, which is full of amazingly supportive people. I’ve learned so much about vegan cooking from these meal plans, but also from that group. For instance, just today, I learned that freezing guacamole is a possibility. Who knew?

All that said, I have cooked the last meal plan for this week and am planning to share everything here. Today, I made a thing called a breakfast brownie, it’s just a brownie made with banana and oats instead of the regular flour and whatever.. eggs? But also, this incredibly simple soup that I thoroughly enjoyed called Thai Noodle Soup.

All it is is noodle, veggy stock, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, miso paste, and some ginger. I threw a sliced up jalapeno in there for some extra crunch. It’s delicious! And so so so simple to make.

Marc is planning on making pizza for dinner, so that will not be a meal mentor recipe, but I will try to share more this week!

I also want to attempt to remember teas that I’m drinking that I enjoy, because there are so many out there that I forget what I like. So, for today, it is this:

Simple Loose Leaf: Downy Jasmine. 9/10