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Saturday, March 17th

I really love using face cleansing pads. Washing your face is a pain in the ass with a tiny sink, in a bathroom too narrow to even bend all the way over. So, when not showering, I usually use face wipes. I had just recently run out of some. And decided to try making my own. There’s a million recipes out there, it’s actually kind of overwhelming. I decided to combine a few of them and came up with this:

  • 1/4 c witch hazel
  • 2 T almond oil
  • 1 t vitamin E
  • 3 drops of lavender oil
  • 3 drops of frankincense oil

Witch hazel is supposed to be great for inflammation, clearing out pores, and blackheads. Balancing skin moisture. All kinds of benefits, I just know when I pop a zit and rub some witch hazel on it, it goes away pretty quickly.

Almond oil is just a softer option than coconut oil. I’ve read coconut oil can be oily, which makes sense. And I’m already pretty oily on my own. I’m also running low on coconut oil, so why not? Almond oil is naturally antibacterial and cleansing, it supposedly combats UV damage as well.

Vitamin E has “skin lightening” affects and is healing of scars. Supposedly anti-aging, it’s beneficial for the entire body, inside and out. I used to just use it straight as lotion sometimes, but again, oil is a bit… oily. Who knew?

Lavender essential oil is calming, but it also has all kinds of other good qualities. It’s anti-bacterial as well, so that makes it good for a face wash. It also helps with eczema, something I’m paranoid that I have, every time I itch.

Frankincense is like, the best essential oil out there. On the face, it should help prevent age spot, wrinkles, and dry skin. Everything I’ve read says it’s best combined with lavender because they have a lot of the same qualities and blend well together.

I’ve been letting the cotton pads soaked all day so haven’t actually tried it out yet. If this one doesn’t work/isn’t what I like, there are a plethora of other options to try!

I also made my own almond milk. Soaked one cup of almonds in boiling water for an hour, drained them. Blended in the blender with enough water to cover the almonds, then strained it all into a bowl. Once all the milk strained out, I poured it into a mason jar and filled it up with more filtered water. It’s that easy. I only needed about a cup for some recipes, but this made 2 cups.

I’m planning on using that leftover almond pulp for some home granola. This will be a first try, and I can’t decide on what kind of flavorings and spices, so I think I’ll go with good ol trusty cinnamon & honey. But if it’s no good, again, millions of other varieties out there. I will try again!

Side note: I forgot to weigh myself Wednesday morning. And I did not like the number I saw Wednesday evening. So, I’m just skipping it this week. Next week, I will remember! I set an alarm for myself. Nothing too exciting on the workout front either. I swam about 40 laps Thursday and that felt amazing. The rest was basic and I’d just be repeating myself. I think I’ll add on some additional weights next week.


Sunday, March 4th

Sunday, March 4th

I did a buncha meal prepping yesterday. I’m still using Meal Mentors menu plan, but I decided to back up a week.

I didn’t take any photos because my phone doesn’t have the best camera. Especially with the lighting in my kitchen, I’m usually cooking at night. Even trying to take photos is frustrating.

That said, Marc had this “old” iPhone 7 laying around. I finally got annoyed enough by the unresponsiveness of my iPhone 5 to give up the small size for the huge. What I did NOT consider in making the switch is the great camera!

Take a look at my prepping in all it’s organized glory:

This screen is also so huge that I can use the WordPress app. Maybe I will actually post more? Time will tell.

Besides the meal prepping, I made my first attempt at homemade beauty products this weekend. I made face wash, hand soap, dry shampoo spray, and some sorta headache helper. I get headaches constantly, hoping this blend of essential oils will help. I have a lot more things on my list to try out, but I was running out of containers.