I know a lot of my thankful posts are all about work, and that gets boring.

But I am just bursting with gratitude to be in the company of folks who are bettering themselves. Preparing for growth, with smiles on their faces. It’s more about being excited for the growth than scared of it. And that’s such a wonderfully inspiring environment to be in.

This moment in my life, also makes me appreciative for the shitty situations I’ve been in, in the past. If it weren’t for those experiences, I wouldn’t be able to cherish this time so much. I would be more scared than excited.


Today, I am thankful for time. Simply having the time to sit down and actually think about what I am truly grateful for today.

When you’re a kid, time moves so slowly. A day at school feels like an eternity. The older you get, the more time disappears, the more valuable it becomes. I’m sure there are a lot of hard working folks out there who would love to be at home, eating chips, by 3 pm everyday.


I am thankful for our ten foot high ceilings. Yes, it might be drafty. Yes, the windows are old and don’t shut properly. No, I can’t even reach the top of my windows.

But it’s nice to have such a wide open area. I feel like I can breathe. It makes this less than 1000 square feet apartment, seem a lil bit bigger than it actually is.


Today I am thankful for clear enough skies to be able to see some stars. Often in the city, there is too much light pollution to see anything up there, but I could tonight. Not a cloud in the sky.

It’s a welcome reminder that whatever my mind is fixated on does not fucking matter. It is a small, insignificant detail, within this gigantic world. It would do me good to remember this, regularly.


Today marks eleven years since I moved to Chicago. It also makes five years since Marc had brain surgery. Both are worth celebrating, for such very different reasons. So much has changed. We are both different people now than we used to be.

He already had Monday off work for MLK day and took today off, to have a long weekend together. I am loving it, especially because of the current weather. It snowed several inches on Friday and now it’s in the single digits. It’s really nice to not have anywhere to be, together.

Currently, I am smelling delicious scents of apple and cinnamon filling our apartment, he’s making some kind of apple bread. The oven is warming the apartment. I am drinking wine. And I am just so very thankful to be exactly where I am right now.


Today, I am thankful for the beautiful snow. Sawyer loves it, I have great snow boots to walk in, and even though there’s inches of snow, it’s not that cold out. Could be worse!

And I’m always thankful for this one, but once again… relieved that I was able to get a pretty heavy workload done today, from home. The best part about the snow is that I did not have the commute in it. So very thankful for the opportunity to make money from home!


Lots of people walk by the office, and stare into the floor to ceiling, wall to wall window. Today, I noticed a blind guy walk past with his cane. And I realized, he likely isn’t even aware of this office that most people stare into, so absent-mindedly.

It made me thankful for my own vision, however terrible it might be without glasses or contacts. At least I am able to stare at people, places, and things, as I walk past them.


I am thankful to say goodbye to this year, this decade. A lot happened this year. A lot that taught me who I am and what I truly want.

I said goodbye to an incredibly beloved pet, a job I actually loved, my single life, my independence, my dreams of fostering all the animals. Some of these goodbyes were rough, not gonna lie.

But I am thankful for everything that happened, without those experiences, I wouldn’t be as wise as I am today.

I am ready to say hello to new experiences. Continued learning and bigger growth. Onward and upward!


I am thankful to be with someone I truly love spending time with. It wasn’t that long ago when I was lonely and alone all the time. I remember how rough it can be. How much dating sucks. How much it sucks to just hang out with people you don’t even like that much, just to be social. Or how much it sucks to go to a bar, alone, because none of your “friends” are available, and you just don’t wanna be home.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun alone, sometimes. I think I might even enjoy talking to strangers more than I enjoy talking to people I know. It somehow makes me feel less anxious when I know I’ll likely never see this person again. I LOVE my alone time. And I will always need a good solo recharge, I am truly an introvert for life. I cannot spend a whole lot of time and energy around certain people. Some people are really exhausting for me.

I am married to, live with, and spend every single day with my favorite person alive. And yes, I definitely need my alone time, but we can “be alone” in the same room together, and I am just as comfortable. I’m happy to sit in the same room as him. I prefer sitting on the couch watching tv with him, over going out, spending money, and giving myself a headache.

A lot of people might think that’s lame and boring. I think it’s just a-okay.