Our water heater is 20 something years old and is finally on the fritz.

But you know what? First of all, we rent, so it’s not my problem. Second of all, my wonderful husband is dealing with the landlord, so that’s also not my problem.

Even with it slowly dying, I was able to get a quick warm shower in last night. A new one is planned to be installed next week, I’m really excited for the water temperature to finally cooperate in our apartment.


Today, I am thankful for feeling more optimistic than pessimistic and anxious. The pendulum swings pretty drastically sometimes. But right now, it’s on the upswing. I’ll appreciate it when I can get it.


Today, I am thankful for our new toaster oven, which has allowed us to get rid of our microwave, toaster, and dehydrator. I love multi-functional things as much as I love minimizing clutter.

But more importantly, I love the pizza bagels and little garlic triscuit pizzas I just made.


Thanksgiving 2020 seems like a very classic date to re-start my gratitude journal here. My goal is to post more regularly, maybe start with 3x a week, up it to 4x a week, eventually daily. Rewiring the brain takes time and a whole hell of a lot of effort. Sometimes, I just can’t do it and I slip into this kind of person that I don’t really like. Expressing gratitude is important. I have felt off lately, and I’m convinced it’s because I have been focusing too much on negatives, looking for things to be upset or annoyed by. Nobody wants to live like that, we should be looking for things to be happy about.

Today, I am grateful that I get to stay cozy in my pajamas and slippers. We slept in until NINE AM! The fridge is stocked. We have a feast planned. We have cocktails planned. An apple scented candle is burning. The apartment is clean. There is no stress, zero social anxiety, puppy cuddles, and cooking together time with my favorite person.


It is 8:30 PM on a Tuesday. I am in bed, looking at my phone. I’ve been browsing the internet for a new dish sponge, for the last hour.

The reason? I don’t like using regular sponges directly with my hands, it ruins my nails, dries out skin, and leaves my fingers smelling of old dish water smells. It’s gross, I don’t understand how anybody uses a regular sponge more than once. So, I need a wand, but am tired of replacing plastic wands and disposal sponge heads for these wands. I want something more sustainable, but long-lasting. It’s apparently hard to come by.

Anyway, in the midst of my frustrations, I realize… If this were ten years ago, I’d be so disgusted with myself and this boringness. I’d be embarrassed with myself.

But ya know what? This is who I am. This is what occupies my mind. I love my bed, I love getting as much sleep as humanly possible, I love cleaning products that make my life easier. I am perfectly content with being this kind of person.

Of course, ten years in the future, hoping to have a dishwasher.


Today I am thankful for the reminder that I have survived 100% of what I have lived through.

Whatever life throws at me will be interesting, enlightening, and just the kind of challenge I enjoy.