I am thankful to live in a neighborhood I feel comfortable walking around in. There are two parks nearby, many pedestrians about, bike lanes, sidewalks everywhere.

There’s a nearby convenient store, several corner shops, a grocery store less than a mile away, a local produce store, a really great coffee shop, a really great in-network doctor within a block. There are some pretty decent restaurants and bars, however changing they may be. Nail places, hair places, dive bars, cocktail bars, pizza places, hole-in-the-wall places, Michelin star places, many doggy daycare options.

Easy access to public transit, buses on Western or Chicago are both a block away. Pretty much anything anyone could be looking for can be found on Western or Chicago Ave. I can get to a beach, on one bus ride.

Friendly neighbors, lots of dog lovers, affordable rent, no upstairs neighbors stomping around, giant windows, a pretty good view of downtown.

Sometimes, it’s good to remind yourself that you used to want what you have now. You don’t need to always be searching for more. Sure, a nicer place in a fancier neighborhood would be cool and all, laundry in-unit is the dream, but at least we got laundry in the damn building. And ya know.. all these other great things, too.

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