Today, I am thankful for online selling shit services like – Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and Facebook Market. Since I’ve been working only part time, and from home… I’ve had time to list and sell a ton of stuff (see also: junk) that we had cluttering up our world. I’ve even made an inventory list: things to list, what is listed, what is pending pick up, what sold, where, and how much. I am up enough to cover all the costs of our road trip to Sarasota this month, and then some. That is just impressive.

The extra dough is nice, sure, but my favorite part is the freed up space. The more that goes out the door, the more I want to send out that door. I’ve even started looking around at things we still use daily, to decide if I really actually love them, or as Marie Kondo would ask.. “Does it spark joy?” If not, sell it!

It’s a way more satisfying feeling than just tossing things in the trash. Because of the money, yeah, sure, but also the people who buy these things are excited about them. Today, I sold a container of unused yard and a couple booklets with patterns, to a mom and her son. They told me he had just recently learned to knit and he was wearing a hat he made himself. And it was good! Way better than I could’ve ever made. I’m glad it’s all going to good use.

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