Today, I am thankful for Chicago public pools. Why have I not checked out lap swims sooner? There are set to a very strict schedule and the timing of them never worked out for me. But NOW, I can adjust my schedule around lap swim hour.

The cost is a third of what I was paying for the gym, just to use their pool. AND it’s way more enjoyable to swim outside, in the sunlight, with open lanes. Than it is to swim in a dark basement, with only 4 closed lanes.

There are actually four different pools (that I know of), within a two mile radius of my home. And when the weather gets colder, one of those pools is indoors, but not in a basement! It even has extra hours for lap swim.

The best part is, I have not been riding my bike at all this season. Swimming motivates me to dust it off, use it just to get to the pool, and then maybe joyride a bit afterwards, for drying off. Two things I’ve always loved doing, happy to finally welcome them back into my daily routine.

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