Today, I am thankful for where I live. Chicago is a bustling metropolis, with no shortage of anything you could possibly want, at any time of day. While that thought could go in all sorts of crazy directions, let’s target it towards volunteering opportunities.

For the last couple years, I have had this overwhelming sense of “What am I doing to help others? How am I contributing to my community?” I am just going into an office for twelve hours a day, going home to bed, and otherwise being a mass consumer of all things. This does not particularly leave a person feeling good about their routine.

It started with fostering, but that didn’t last. More recently, we finally adopted a new baby. And that only motivated me 10x more to help out a rescue/shelter, whatever I can do.

I found one rescue that needed help with their website, which was great because this is what I am going to school for. They also needed accounting help, which is where I come from. It was perfect! But she was always too busy and never remembered that we had scheduled a time. The place was pretty inconvenient for me to get to, just for her to say “Oh, I don’t have time now.” So, that idea fell through. But that’s okay, there’s another rescue to go to! There are tons, actually. But Alive Rescue actually has organized orientation dates and tons & tons of events. And is closer to me.

Also, unrelated to animals, I was actually able to help out at The Wasteshed. Yes, it’s not animals, but it’s repurposed art projects, school supplies, yarn, fabrics, etc. As someone who is a little bit of an arts & crafts hoarder, I really really love this idea of recycling, reusing, re-selling for cheap. I also really love organizing, so I was happy to help them out. While there, I learned they do a volunteer event the last Tuesday of every month, 5-8 pm, BYOB. See you there!

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