In no way, do I claim to be any kind of vegan or vegetarian. I enjoy an occasional buffalo wing, chicken McNugget, fried chicken sandwich… which also proves I’m not any kind of health nut. I’m not here to preach about how we’re destroying the planet by consuming so much meat. It may be true, but that’s not what is on my mind when I opt for the veggy burger over the meat. I’m not here to try to convince anyone that my way of living/eating is better than theirs and they should be like me.

My goal is to share the fact that meatless meals are not an impossibility. It’s NOT hard at all! In fact, at least for me, it’s actually easier because I always hated cooking my own meat. But that’s me, it was always gross to me. And the clean up was grosser than just wiping something down, because you have to worry so much about being sanitary. Raw meat touching something, and then the food goes bad within days. Seems like such a big hassle for little payout.

My other goal is to share the benefits. Obviously, it’s cheaper. I can thrive on $40/wk for groceries, EASILY. But some other benefits I’ve noticed since I started not consuming meat during every single meal, ever:

  • Clearer skin. When I DO get pimples, it’s obviously because I either haven’t washed my face in days or I ate meat. And they don’t last as long.
  • Stronger nails. This is gross and I would never type the beginning of this sentence if I weren’t able to type the end of it: I used to have yellowy, ripply toenails. They were always like that, my entire life, so I thought it was just the way it is. My toenails are beautiful right now, white, smooth, and strong. And my fingernails grow fast and don’t break as easily.
  • Another gross thing I really probably shouldn’t put on the internet but will anyway: my BM’s are totally more regular. So much so, that my body works like an alarm clock every morning. And I can bounce out of bed pretty quickly. šŸ™‚
  • Cravings. The more you eat good-for-you things, the more you crave them. The less you crave garbage. I will always love potato chips, that is a life long love. But pizza flavored combos? I can live without.
  • Hunger. I know how to fill myself up with grains and veggies. I don’t find myself starving in the middle of the day. Half the time, I’m not even that hungry to eat lunch but I do anyway. And I usually have a pretty light dinner. Usually, not always!

I don’t know how long it’s been. There’s not really a time to be measured, because like I said, I don’t even consider myself a vegan. I will still eat meat on occasion. I’ll still eat cheese, even though it makes me feel like there’s an alien inside my belly, trying to claw it’s way out. It’s as simple as I can’t remember the last time I bought some meat in a grocery store. And I like it that way. That’s what works for me. There’s no strictness to my diet, I just try to lean towards what’s easiest and most beneficial for ME.

And when I have a nacho cheese craving, I pull out some potatoes & carrots. I’m not joking! This is my favorite cheese sauce recipe. The best part is, I always have all those ingredients on hand.