This week, I am super proud of myself for getting up and going to workout on Sunday morning. I bounced out of bed really early and just decided to go. It felt so great, I had tons of energy, and got tons of stuff done afterwards. It was doubly great because I ended up NOT going last Thursday & Friday, like I had planned. So, I feel like this made up for that.

I also love the city that early in the morning on a Sunday. Nobody is out. Everything’s quiet. I had to wait 15 minutes for a bus that usually comes every 5 minutes, during the times I need it. And then no one was even on it. You pass by the areas that are usually traffic jams and they’re empty. Feels like a ghost town. And then, the best part? You get to the gym and that place IS a ghost town! I had the whole locker room to myself. So, I ran around naked, singing at the top of my lungs.

Kidding. I’d never.

Anyway. Here’s my accountability for this week. I’ve not added any extra weight yet because I’m giving my body some time to adjust from being dormant forever. And while on topic of the weights, I’m only focusing on upper body right now because I don’t want to push it with my foot, it still gets swollen from walking. I don’t wanna be pushing pounds with a sensitive foot.

That’s sort of an excuse, I’m aware there are plenty of things I can do with my legs without putting pressure on my feet, I just don’t wanna right now, alright?!?


  • 30 minutes cardio
  • 5 min rowing machine
  • 30 lb arm extensions (12×3)
  • 3 seated dip (12×3)
  • 50 lb pull down (12×3)
  • 40 lb low row (12×3)

Monday: 1 hour on stationery bike

Tuesday: exact same as Sunday

Wednesday: 1 hour on bike & 5 minutes on rowing machine (really love that thing)

Tomorrow/Thursday, I’m gonna take a break. And Friday, I plan on going swimming because Fridays are always hard to get going, even more so when I take Thursday off. But swimming is always 100% thee best way to start a day. Whether you’re hungover, tired AF, super awake, super anything, swimming always feels good, and is always a thing I look forward to. So I’m sure, no matter what, that’ll get me going on Friday! And I’m already looking forward to it. I really love swimming, y’all.

Wednesday weigh in – 207.8 lbs. That is 3.2 lbs lost! If I lost that much every week, I could be at 160 lbs in 4 months. But I know it’s always easy to lose in the beginning, and then it gets kinda.. stuck. That’s the time when I usually quit and run off to Wings, Fries, & Beer Land. We’ll see if this journaling changes anything this time.

And yes, for the record, I know the scale doesn’t have to move. It’s just a good reference point for progress to be marked here, maybe I’ll come up with something else when it stops moving.