Breakfast: This past Tuesday, Marc made tacos with sweet potatoes and soyrizo.

Oh, you haven’t heard of soyrizo? It’s this amazing little thing, tastes like chorizo, except cheaper and lasts longer in the fridge. The kind we used here was Tofurky, which wasn’t that bad! Most things I’ve tried from that brand are gross, so I was pleasantly surprised with their soyrizo. But my favorite kind ever is Cacique brand. It is honestly better than actual chorizo. Like I already said, it lasts longer. But also, I can always have some stocked in the fridge, for a rainy day. It’s less greasy, more spices, and easier clean up.

Anyway, I took the leftovers from the tacos, put em in a skillet, popped an egg on top, and covered it up to cook low and slow, while I got dressed this morning. Fast, easy, delicious, no food waste.

Lunch: I had exactly the same thing I had yesterday, in exactly the same location. Did not mind the repeat at all! Used up all my ingredients for that bowl. Need to think of something new for next week’s lunches.

Dinner: I have this weakness on Fridays, I always want to go out straight after work or order delivery, once I get home. When I saw chicken and dumplings on eat purely, I couldn’t resist.

Eat Purely is a new delivery service in the Chicago area, which delivers food to you, cold. You pop it in the oven or microwave before eating, so it feels like you’re eating a home cooked meal. All the ingredients are local and organic, they’ll even name which farms each ingredient came from. For an example, check out the details for my meal: here. The options change weekly, seasonal ingredients, and delivery is always faster than 20 minutes. (Delivery from anywhere else usually takes at least an hour, round these parts.)

They also give out really incredible discounts, so this entire meal tonight was free. If you are in the Chicago area and are interested in checking out Eat Purely, use this link and we’ll both get $20 for free. Seriously!

And now I want to finish my champagne and go to sleep. Crazy Friday night over here. I might get the cops called on me.