This weekend had absolutely perfect weather. We’ve been talking about going camping, for months. Marc has all the gear you could desire to make this happen, but we never use it. Aside from girl scout camp when I was around 10, I can’t say I’ve ever really been camping, as an adult. So, I suggested we do a dry run in his parent’s backyard. And let me tell you, it was so much fun.

Earlier in the day, we went for a bike ride in Busse Woods.

Map of Busse WoodsAnother map

Click here for a nice little video I can’t figure out how to embed.

Back at the house.. I set up the tent all by myself, which I am extremely proud of, even though it’s made to be easy.

File_003 (1)File_003File_005 (2)

We made carrot dogs, ceviche made with hearts of palm instead of fish, and potatoes. But we didn’t eat until late, so I have no photos of the food.

I can’t wait to go camping for real, there are about a million nearby places for real cheap overnight stays.