When life hands you a three and a half day weekend, you do something with it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t plan anything until the first half day we received. By that time, most hotels were booked. After a couple hours googling, arguing, and losing patience, we landed on a hotel called Harbourwalk Hotel in Racine, an hour and a half drive away, with a deal on a room. When we arrived, we realized why we were still able to get a room.


But that was okay because the room was cheap, construction wasn’t happening on the weekend anyway, it had a pleasant view of the marina, and was literally right on this Lake Michigan Pathway. We just wanted a place to go ride our bikes without a million people walking in our way with their strollers, puppies, and kiddies bouncing out in front of us. This was a perfect fit, for just that.

It was supposed to rain off and on all weekend. So we took advantage of the no rain while we could, early in the morning. In the afternoon, the sun came out and it was beautiful. And by nightfall, the rain finally came. But it was pretty damn nice to hear the rain falling on the water in the marina right outside our window.

lake michigan pathwayin our helmetsthe dunes!not part of the pathwaytiny lil lighthouseview from our windowview from bed